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INSECTOPEDIA - Product Details

by Hugh Raffles

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2010, 480 pages, b/w photos & drawings. This is a stunningly original exploration of the ties that bind us to the beautiful, ancient, astoundingly accomplished, largely unknown, and unfathomably different species with whom we share the world.

Organized alphabetically with one entry for each letter, weaving together brief vignettes, meditations, and extended essays, the book embarks on a mesmerizing exploration of history and science, anthropology and travel, economics, philosophy, and popular culture to show us how insects have triggered our obsessions, stirred our passions, and beguiled our imaginations.

The book offers us glimpse into the high-stakes world of Chinese cricket fighting, the deceptive courtship rites of the dance fly, the intriguing possibilities of queer insect sex, the vital and vicious role locusts play in the famines of west Africa, how beetles deformed by Chernobyl inspired art, and how our desire and disgust for insects has prompted our own aberrant behavior.

Deftly fusing the literary and the scientific, Raffles has written an essential book of reference that is also a fascination of the highest order. Hardcover; 6-1/2 x 9-1/2".

Hugh Raffles teaches anthropology at The New School, New York City, and is the award-winning author of In Amazonia: A Natural History and numerous essays.

3386 * Raffles, Insectopedia, Hardcover

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3386B Raffles, Insectopedia, Paperback

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