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by Albert Orr & Roger Kitching

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Catalog #3367, The-Butterflies-of-Australia Catalog #3367, Localised-Species Catalog #3367, Life-Cycle-plate Catalog #3367, plate-12 Catalog #3367, plate-129 Catalog #3367, Plate-139

2010, 335 pages, color illustrations, b/w drawings, maps. This beautiful book offers a unique and comprehensive guide to help identify the nearly 400 species of butterflies occurring in Australia.  It provides a concise but broad, non-technical introduction to butterfly biology, history, ecology, evolution and conservation. Hundreds of meticulous illustrations show adult butterflies in life, flying or perched, among the plants and animals of their natural habitat, while others document the Australian butterfly species, with detailed diagnostic half-wing illustrations of pinned specimens. It also explains and illustrates much of the known behavior and ecology of Australian butterflies.

The first section covers the biology of butterflies, their habitats, their relationships with plants, other animals, and humans.  The second, main section covers the five families of butterflies, arranged by subfamily.  For each species, common and scientific names, wingspan of females and males, host plant for many species, and commentary including habitat, distinguishing characteristics and behavior is provided. Descriptions are accompanied by multiple excellent illustrations of adults and larval stages along with a distribution map.

Appendix 1 is a checklist of Australian butterflies, including species from Torres Strait and other islands of the continental shelf.  Appendix 2 is a listing of larval host plants of Australian butterflies, arranged by plant family.

Flexible cover; 8-1/2 x 11".

3367 Orr, The Butterflies of Australia

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