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BEES: A Natural History - Product Details

BEES: A Natural History
by Christopher O’Toole

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2013, 240 pages, 125 color photographs.  The vital role of bees in human ecology is underlined by the estimate that every third mouthful of human food is dependent on the pollinating services of bees.  Only recently have biologists discovered that human survival is inextricably linked to the survival of insects, specifically, bees. Today the 16-20,000 species of bees play vital roles in human ecology through the life-sustaining network of bee-plant relationships.

This book immerses readers into the world of bees, their diversity of form and behavior.  Written by an internationally recognized entomologist and specialist in bees, the book’s topics include:
◘  What are bees? - bees as foragers, their nesting instinct, on-board computing facility, sun-compass orientation and sense of time
◘  The many groups of bees - solitary versus social, miners and masons, leafcutters and carpenters
◘  Bees and flowering plants
◘  The male of the species - mating strategies, patrols, competition, territoriality, the role of scent
◘  The enemies of bees - cleptoparasites, cuckoo bees
◘  Bees and People -- historic and contemporary
◘  Bees in Folk and Modern Medicine
◘  The Conservation of Bees -- the decline of honeybees, bees in human ecology, bee conservation, urban bees
◘  Bee projects -- the backyard bee scientist
◘  Appendix 1 -- Bee Families

This beautifully illustrated volume will be welcomed by entomologists, students and all naturalist readers.  Plastic-laminated hardcover with jacket; 8-1/2 x 11”.

About the author - Entomologist, author and speaker Christopher O’Toole works at the Hope Entomological Collections, Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  He has been a scientific consultant to many television projects as well as to the film Angels & Demons.

Excerpts from the Reviews - "There are more species of bees than there are of birds and mammals combined. Although readers are familiar with the highly social honeybees and bumblebees, the majority of the world’s bees are solitary (or nonsocial). O’Toole), an entomologist and bee expert, introduces readers to a sample of the world’s 20,000 bee species in this beautiful new book. Though honeybees and their long term associations with humans are covered, the strength of the book is in its introduction of the rest of the kinds of bees. We learn of mason bees, euglossine bees, carpenter bees, and sweat bees. The lifestyle of the solitary bees, in which a female provides food for her developing offspring but does not directly care for them, is contrasted with the various stages of sociality in different species.  The illustrations alone sell the book, with marvelous close-ups of a bee’s compound eyes and pollen-covered bees in flowers. The many appendixes and a large bibliography make this an informative introduction."  Booklist

"Bees are diverse, beautiful, exciting, and worth watching, studying, and conserving, according to entomologist O’Toole. This work’s oversize, macrophotographs go beyond images of pretty pollinators to show us larvae, pupae, and nests."  Library Journal

3348 O'Toole, Bees: A Natural History

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