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NIGHT VISIONS: The Secret Designs of Moths - Product Details

NIGHT VISIONS: The Secret Designs of Moths
by Joseph Scheer

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Catalog #3309, Night Visions Catalog #3309, Arctia-sample-plat Catalog #3309, Dryocampa Catalog #3309, Hypoprepia Catalog #3309, Luna Catalog #3309, Nadata Catalog #3309, Plusia

2003, 120 pages, 150 color illus. Greatly magnified images in this astonishing collection are so vibrant they seem poised to fly off the page. You may think of moths as drab-colored poor relations of beautiful butterflies. Well- think again! Using a high-resolution scanner, recently developed digital printing technology, and an artist's sensibility, the result is a jewel box of brilliantly colored, intricately formed creatures, each with its own landscape of tiny hairs, scales of kaleidoscopic colors invisible to the naked eye, iridescent eyes and highly detailed antennae. A gallery of moths organized by family, with scientific and common names, size, and color photo concludes this amazing book.

After  enjoying this book, you'll never look at a moth the same way again. Hardcover; 13-1/2 x 11-1/2".

3309 * Scheer, Night Visions: Secret Designs of Moths

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