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InsectaZooka Field Aspirator - Product Details

InsectaZooka Field Aspirator

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The InsectaZooka is a lightweight, compact and portable field aspirator.  It is a far superior alternative to heavier and bulkier backpack model aspirators.  Suction levels generated by the aspirator can be varied from slight to very strong.  The InsectaZooka is intended primarily for field use in vector control and agriculture, but can be used for many other applications.

This aspirator operates on 12 VDC.  It features a brushless motor that delivers variable motor speeds, allowing for very high suction levels when needed.  It also has a built-in motor speed control adjustment knob that allows for choice of suction levels.  When the motor is at maximum RPM, amperage use is as high as 12 amps.  The high amperage value may be of concern to some users, but in actual use, only 2 to 6 amps are required to achieve good suction.  Electrical consumption rates are available on BioQuip’s website under the product number 2888A.   Spade connectors are provided for connection to battery.  A male cigarette plug adapter is also provided for connection directly into a female battery plug.

The InsectaZooka weighs only 2.7 lbs. (1.22 kg).  BioQuip recommends using the 2861 12 volt, 14 amp/hour battery pack with charger and case, 11 lbs. (5 kg), 2861A 12 volt 14 amp/hour replacement battery, or a smaller #2888BAT 12V 8 amp/hour.  Total system weight is no more than 14 lbs. (6.22 kg).  The InsectaZooka has an overall length of 47” (119.4 cm) when fully assembled.  It breaks down easily into three sections.  The drive unit is 13.5” (34.3 cm) long.   Pick up tubes are 16.5” (41.9 cm) long.   The aspirator diameter is 3” (7.62 cm).   Two bungee cords are used to secure the tubing sections to each other and to the drive unit.  The pick up tube can be removed and placed on the exhaust port to create a blower.

An adjustable shoulder strap with snap hook is provided to suspend or hold the aspirator at the hip while working.  For safety, 1/4” mesh screen covers intake and exhaust ports.  A heavy duty canvas bag is provided for easy transport and storage of the aspirator.

Clear polypropylene collection cups have 20 x 20 mesh aluminum screen thermally imbedded in the bottom of the cups.  Five cups with lids are provided; additional sets of 10 cups are available in two mesh sizes.  Cups with custom aluminum mesh sizes are available upon request.  Please contact

Design considerations provided by Andrew McKemey from Oxitec in England and Hervé Bossin from Institut Louis Malardé in French Polynesia.  The InsectaZooka is covered by Patent Serial Number 67/629222.

2888A Click here for product MSDS, instructions. InsectaZooka, Field Aspirator

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2888CA Collecting Cups, 20 x 20 Mesh aluminum, 10/set

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2888CB Collecting Cups, 40 x 40 Mesh Aluminum, 10/Set

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