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Larry's Lighthouse
Collector for Night Flying Insects - Product Details

Larry's Lighthouse
Collector for Night Flying Insects

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Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse w a 2805 DC collecting light. Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse-Collector-Kit Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse-Collector-free-hanging Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse-Collector--1 Catalog #2878, Larry's Lighthouse w 2805 DC collecting light in use Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse-Collector-with-lamp Catalog #2878, Larry's-Lighthouse-Collector-with-2805-in-place

This self-supported, completely collapsible collector can be used with 2804, 2805 or 2806 15 watt black lights that hang from the top inside the Lighthouse. The unit is fabricated with white nylon no-see-um mesh that allows good transparency for attracting moths, beetles, and many other night flying insects. The circular collecting area provides 360 light projection.

The collector is 17" (43 cm) in diameter, and 32" (81 cm) tall, providing approximately 6 sq. ft. (.55 sq. m.) of collecting area. It closes at the top with a dacron drawstring and cord-lock, and has an opening along one side of the cylinder so that insects landing on the collector can be moved inside for temporary holding.

Three two-foot aluminum poles that press fit together, and a plated steel ground spike are included for setting up the Lighthouse. Three tent pegs, guy ropes, and cord-locks for securing the collector in windy conditions are also provided.

The very lightweight and portable Lighthouse can be used as a stand-alone collector or suspended from a tree branch or other desired location.

Many thanks to entomologist Larry Allen of Calaveras County, California for providing the initial design concept for this product.

2878 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.