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Stiky Strip Traps - Product Details

Stiky Strip Traps

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Catalog #2872, Sticky Strip Traps 3x5 Catalog #2873, Stiky-Strips-6x12-inches Catalog #2874, Sticky-Trap-Wire-Holders Catalog #2874, Stikty-Strip-Wire-Holders-w-card

Stiky Strip disposable traps provide a safe and inexpensive method for trapping insects. They are yellow plastic sheets coated on both sides with a specially formulated non-toxic, non-drying compound, and covered with protective release paper. They can reduce or eliminate use of harmful chemicals, and survive repeated wet/dry cycles and exposure to sunlight.

Strips are used for mass trapping or sampling of aphids, leafminers, thrips and other pests in greenhouse or outdoor locations, and to detect or monitor presence of pests in museums or other collection environments.

The bright yellow color acts as an attractant. Strips are hung from overhead, or inserted into the coil end of reusable 11" galvanized wire stakes placed in the ground or plant containers. Available in two sizes.

2872 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2873 Stiky Strips, 6X12" 10 Per Pack

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2874 Stiky Strip Wire Holders, 10 Per Pack

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