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Lindgren Funnel Traps - Product Details

Lindgren Funnel Traps

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Catalog #2852, Lindgren-4-funnel-trap Catalog #2852, Lindgren-funnel-support-hangers Catalog #2853, Lindgren-8-Funnel-Trap Catalog #2855DC, Lindgren-dry-cup-replacement Catalog #2855WC, Lidgren-wet-cuprReplacement

Versatile and effective trapping system was developed by Staffan Lindgren at Simon Fraser University and is successful for monitoring or mass trapping of ambrosia and bark beetles in coniferous forests. Traps were designed to use semiochemicals to attract beetles, but they capture other tree pests as well when using various crushed grains as lures. (BioQuip does not supply pheromones or other lures; they must be purchased locally.)

Traps consist of a series of four, eight, or 12 plastic funnels arranged vertically. The traps are made of polyethylene plastic. The conical shape of each funnel allows an unobstructed 360-degree catch radius. Funnel diameter is 8" (20 cm). The downward angle of each funnel causes fast-approaching beetles to be deflected downward into the collecting cup.  Escape is prevented by the baffling arrangement of funnels.  Capture does not rely on sticky surfaces or chemical pesticides.  Beetles are killed through heat and dehydration.  A conical drain in the collection bottle increases drainage and prevents clogging from debris.  A collecting cup without drain is available as a separate item for those using a liquid killing agent. The cups are 4" in diameter and attach by twist lock.

Traps are hung from branches or from rope strung between trees. They are lightweight and collapsible for easy transport.

Cat. No. Extended height Collapsed height Trap surface area Weight Price
2852 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 22.5" (57 cm) 10.0" (25 cm) 231" sq. (1490 cm) 1.2 lb (550 gm)

2853 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 31.8" (80.77 cm) 10.4" (26 cm) 538" sq. (3471 cm) 1.6 lb (747 gm)

2854 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. 45.0" (114.3 cm) 10.8" (27 cm) 878" sq. (5665 cm) 2.3 lb (1052 gm)

2855DC Replace. dry coll. cup

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2855WC Optional wet coll. cup