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Heavy Duty Hand-Held DC Vac/Aspirator - Product Details

Heavy Duty Hand-Held DC Vac/Aspirator

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Catalog #2820GA, Heavy Duty Hand-Held VacAspirator Catalog #2820GA, Heavy Duty Hand-Held Vac with Nozzles and Collecting Chamber Catalog #2820GA, 18-volt Wall Adaptor Charger Catalog #2820GA, 2820D Collecting Chamber with End Cap Catalog #2820GA, 2820E End Cap for Collecting Chamber Catalog #2820X, Insect Vac Nozzle Extension Set

BioQuip’s new superior Heavy-Duty Hand-Held Aspirator was developed from a suggestion made by our customer, Gibson Anderson from Saratoga, California. It’s built on a Ryobi® hand-held vac platform. The cordless unit is powered by a detachable 1.3Ah DC rechargeable 18 volt battery pack. This allows for greater mobility than with other hand-held vac/aspirator systems. A fully charged battery can power the unit continuously for 15 minutes or longer.

The nose section of the aspirator has a clear acrylic tube with a 5” removable collecting chamber (5" (12.7cm) long x 2" (5.1cm) in diameter). This versatile chamber has aluminum screen across one end for air flow, and a flap valve on the other. A supplemental end cap prevents escape of specimens when chamber is removed. By using multiple chambers, live specimens can be gathered from several locations and taken to the lab for identification or study. Suction strength can be adjusted using the vac’s air-bleed ring. A piece of tissue can be placed in the bottom of the collecting chamber to reduce damage to specimens caused by air turbulence when the unit is operating.

The complete set weighs 5.8lb. The vac with one battery attached weighs 3.35lb. Comes with a North American plug so a foreign plug adapter would be needed but is not supplied.

*Note: Use soap and water to clean collecting tubes and chambers. Use of chemicals may cause cracking.

Unit comes with:

  • Heavy Duty Hand-Held Vac/Aspirator - (1)
  • 18 volt,1.3 Ah Compact Lithium-Ion Battery - (1)
  • 18-volt Wall Adaptor/Charger - (1)
  • 5" insect collecting chamber with end cap - (1)
  • Extension nozzles - (2)
    • 6” nozzle (15cm) - (1)
    • 12” nozzle (30cm) - (1)

Additional & Replacement Parts

  • 2820D extra collecting chamber with end cap
  • 2820E replacement end cap, plastic 2-1/8"
  • 2820F replacement buna neoprene flap valve for collecting chamber.
  • 2820X Nozzle Extension tube set, increases the vac/aspirator’s reach by 5’ (1.5 meters), allowing for easier specimen collecting from cages and other difficult-to-reach areas.
    Set Includes:
    • Black stopper - (1)
    • 5’ long (1.5 meters) of 1/2" (13mm) flexible clear vinyl tubing - (1)
    • 3/8" (10mm) I.D. rigid acrylic pickup tube - (2)
      • Straight pickup tube (1)
      • 45° angle tip pickup tube (1)
2820GA Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Heavy Duty Hand-Held Vac/Aspirator

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2820D Insect Collecting Chamber with End Cap

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2820E End Cap for Collecting Chamber, Plastic 2 1/8"

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2820F Flap Valve for Collecting Chamber

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2820X Nozzle Extension Tube Set

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