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250 Watt Mercury Vapor Light - Product Details

250 Watt Mercury Vapor Light

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Catalog #2816, Mercury-Vapor-collecting-light-250W Catalog #2816B, 250W-Mercury-Vapor-replacement-lamp

This mercury vapor light has many features found in the 2818 175-watt model, and offers a much brighter light source.

The ballast operates on North American 120 volt AC electrical current. It is housed in a vented, zinc-plated steel box. Four neoprene rubber feet keep the box elevated for ventilation. An 8 foot supply cord, and 10 foot light cord are provided. A connector for easy disconnect of the lamp from the ballast is also included for simpler packing or connection to the 2818B rain shield. The light and socket may be mounted on a camera tripod.  Two D rings are mounted at the top of the ballast box so that a shoulder strap may be attached. Ballast box is 5 x 5-1/2 x 9" (127 x 140 x 229 mm); complete unit weighs 16 lbs. A replacement lamp is available.

NOTE: Glass in mercury vapor lamp bulbs becomes hot during use. Hot lamp bulbs cannot tolerate temperature shock from rain or mist, and break when they come in contact with moisture. BioQuip highly recommends using a rain shield with mercury vapor lights. It is highly recommended that a 2818B Rain Shield be used when anticipating damp weather conditions.  There is no warranty for mercury vapor lamp bulbs.

Due to the strength of this light, eye protection is strongly recommended (see 2814 anti-UV glasses).

2816 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2816B This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.