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DC BLB Night Collecting Light - Product Details

DC BLB Night Collecting Light

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Catalog #2813C, BLB-Collecting-Light Catalog #2813C, BLB-Collecting-Light-ON Catalog #2807E, 15W-BLB-Tube

BioQuip's BLB collecting light detects Luminescence in arthropods such as scorpions, and other organisms. By moving the light across the ground at night, many species are spotted easily.

This light uses a short wave, BLB (black light blue), dark ultraviolet, 15-watt fluorescent tube with a peak wavelength of 365nm. The light tube is enclosed in a plastic tube with a screen along one side to provide shielding from the eyes. Since this type of light can cause temporary “burn” to the retina in sensitive individuals, and sometimes to unprotected skin, it must be used with caution, and the eyes should be averted from direct view of the light, with the exposed side of the light directed away from the eyes. Do not shine the light into the face of others. Use of 2814 anti-UV glasses is strongly recommended when operating this light.

Designed for DC use only, the light has a remote ballast, 6-foot power cord, and 12-volt connector for hookup to battery or other external power source. It is 18" long, and weighs 15 oz. A replacement BLB tube is available.

2813C Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2807E This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.