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Dry Ice Dispensers and Covers - Product Details

Dry Ice Dispensers and Covers

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Catalog #2811A, CO2-Dispenser Catalog #2811B, CO2-Dispenser Catalog #2811B, CO2-Dispenser-with-Connections Catalog #2811B, Quick-connect-connection Catalog #2811BC, Dispenser-Covers Catalog #2811BC, CO2-Dispensers-with-camouflage-covers

A steady flow of CO² gas from dry ice to almost any type of mosquito trap is provided by using this type of dispenser.  After placing dry ice into a container, the lid is screwed on tightly.  As the dry ice turns from a solid to a gas, pressure develops inside the container, forcing the gas through PVC tubing towards the trap.

Higher gas flow rates can be obtained by placing more ice in the dispenser or by using the larger of the two insulated container sizes offered.  An air stone is provided to diffuse the gas exiting from the supply tube.  The dispenser is supplied with 10 ft. (3 m) of 1/8" (3.1 mm) ID tubing.  Four adhesive backed plastic clips for tube placement are included in case they are needed.  A 1.5 ft. (45 cm) length of jack chain is provided for hanging the dispenser from a tree or other object off the ground.  However, hanging the dispenser is not required.

2811A Dry Ice Dispenser - capacity: 1/2 gallon; dimensions: 5.5” diameter x 11.5” high (14 x 29.3 cm); weight is 1 lb. (.45 kg).
2811B Dry Ice Dispenser - capacity: 1 gallon; dimensions: 7” diameter x 12” high (17.8 x 30.5 cm); weight is 1.75 lb. (.8 kg).

Dry ice dispenser covers are designed to minimize the brightly colored dispensers from obvious view of those who might steal, damage, or tamper with the dispensers.  The covers are sewn from Spandex type material and slide tightly over the dispensers.  Extra material is provided at the top for an almost complete covering of the dispenser.

2811CA Dispenser Cover - 1/2 Gallon, Camouflage
2811CB Dispenser Cover - 1 Gallon, Camouflage

2811A This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2811B Dry Ice Dispenser, 1 Gallon Capacity

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2811AC Dispenser Cover, 1/2 Gallon, Camouflage 1

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2811BC This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.