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Night Collecting Sheet - Product Details

Night Collecting Sheet

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Catalog #2810, Night Collecting Sheet- in the field

A product long-needed by entomologists working in the field, this convenient, collapsible collecting sheet can be erected quickly. It is used to collect any species that is attracted to light, and is suitable for use in any environment with moderately level ground.

The reflective collecting sheet is configured as an arch or semi-circle. It is 82" (208 cm) across the bottom and 87" (221 cm) high.

The frame consists of 10 pieces of 3/8" (1 cm) aluminum tube connected with elastic cord. Tube sections are 24" (61 cm) long. After sections are fitted together to form one pole, ends are brought together to shape an arc, held in place by a polypropylene tension cord. The frame is supported by two guy lines attached to tent stakes. The sheet is smooth white Nylon rip stop, fastened to the frame with Velcro loops. The bottom of the sheet extends 24" (61 cm) on both sides of the frame to hold insects that drop from the sheet or that fly or crawl to the sheet.

A fluorescent black light may be suspended from an adjustable cord lock to position the lamp. A black light or mercury vapor light may also be mounted on a tripod on one or both sides of the sheet. Includes carrying case and assembly instructions. Weight is 2.2 lb.

2810 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.