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Heavy Duty EVS CO² Mosquito Trap - Product Details

Heavy Duty EVS CO² Mosquito Trap

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Catalog #2801A, EVS-CO2-Mosquito-Trap Catalog #2801A, EVS battery holder & intake Catalog #2801A,  EVS light and intake area Catalog #2801A, EVS prop side downdraft Catalog #2801E, original-EVS-trap-collecting-bag Catalog #2801F, Replacement-Motor Catalog #2802G, Replacement-Lamp Catalog #2802K, Replacement prop

The EVS (Encephalitis Vector Survey) trap, using carbon dioxide as the primary attractant, was introduced in 1979. It has been subject to evolutionary improvements in the intervening years, and this model incorporates those changes.

The top section is a one-gallon plastic, non-rusting, dry ice container. The wall and lid are insulated with high-density Plastazote foam to prevent overly rapid sublimation of dry ice during operation, and holes in the bottom allow gas to escape. A carrying handle is provided, along with metal chain to facilitate hanging from a tree branch or other object.

When not in use, the container holds all trap components for convenient storage or transport.  A more heavily insulated, cost-effective, dry ice container for use with the trap is available 2801D.  (Trap body does not fit inside this container due to thickness of the liner.)

The middle section contains the trap's mechanical and electrical components. Mosquitoes attracted to the CO² enter through an opening at the top of this section. They are drawn in and downward from airflow created by a plastic propeller attached to the trap’s DC motor. A “grain of wheat” lamp visible from the top opening of this section acts as a secondary attractant, this lamp draws 57mA at 4.5VDC. Three D-cell batteries 2802H (sold separately) mounted on top of this section furnish power for the propeller and lamp. The current motor in use draws 114mA. Off/on switches are provided for operating the propeller and lamp. A plastic rain shield is provided to protect batteries and switches.

The bottom section is an improved collection bag, 2801WW. This superior catch bag features a 5" (127mm) steel ring sewn into the bottom, allowing the bag to remain fully open. The bag is made from white polyester netting. Replacement/extra bags are available. An elastic cord and cord lock allow the user to remove the bag from the trap and close it quickly. A collection bag made of green polyester netting is also available, see 2801WG.  The 2801E catch bag was used on older designs, it was shipped with an open cup and the bottom was held closed by a binder clip.  Better designed collection bags have replaced its useage.

Another improved collection bag, 2801B, is made from No-See-Um very fine mesh nylon netting and a ripstop nylon skirt. The collecting cup is a vented 16-ounce polypropylene jar with modified lid. An extra plain lid is provided to seal the jar. The vent allows water to drain from the jar and prevents build-up of CO2 emitted from the trap. The bag is inserted through the lid that is screwed onto the jar. An elastic cord keeps the bag firmly attached to the trap collar. Before removal, the bag can be closed with a draw string and cord lock. After removal, the bag can be refrigerated to stun specimens before transfer to cages or containers.

The trap is easily maintained by using standard replacement parts listed below. Size packed is 6-3/4" diameter x 8" (17.1 x 20 cm) high; length when extended for use (without hanger) chain) is 32" (81.3 cm). Weight with batteries is 2-3/4 lbs.

2801A Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2801E This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2801F Trap Motor, 6 Volt

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2802G EVS Trap Lamp

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2802K EVS Trap Propeller for #2801A Trap

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