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Mosquito Resting Trap - Product Details

Mosquito Resting Trap

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BioQuip’s resting trap is designed to capture recently fed mosquitoes seeking a secluded place to rest while they process their blood meals.  Trap materials include a 10” x 10” x 9” fiber pot, 3” diameter collection tube, two dark green polyester mesh collection bags and one mesh funnel.  The inside of the pot has a light coat of flat black paint to darken it.  Two aluminum rod supports are provided to keep the back end of the system parallel to the ground.  The collection bags are rimmed with elastic and secured in the closed position with cord locks.  The mesh funnel is also rimmed with elastic.  Suction is generated by a 6 VDC motor and fan assembly, same as assemblies used in CDC and Gravid traps.  The motor uses .26 amps.  The fan moves 60.75 CFM of air at 6 volts.   Two metal loops attached to the trap and 6 feet of 1/8” Dacron cord allow the option of suspending the trap.

The collection bag is inserted into the collection tube.  The mesh funnel is placed over the opening of the collection bag and tube.  As mosquitoes enter the pot to find refuge, they are  caught by the vacuum generated by the fan, and gently sucked into the mesh bag.   The trap is serviced by removing the collection bag from the collection tube, tightening the elastic and pulling the mesh funnel out of the bag.  Bags with captured specimens can be placed in a cooler or other protective enclosure.  The collection bag does not offer any physical protection against damage that might be caused by crushing.  Trap assembly instructions are included.

This trap is sold under license from the CDC for US Patent No. 2010/0319240 A1.

The 2860 6-volt sealed gel cell battery is recommended for use with this trap.

2799 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Mosquito Resting Trap

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2799C Replacement Fiber Pot

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2799CB Replacement Collection Bag

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2799CBF Replacement Collection Bag Funnel

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