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Photo Switch
for #2836BQ, #2848BQ, and #2770 CDC Traps - Product Details

Photo Switch
for #2836BQ, #2848BQ, and #2770 CDC Traps

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Catalog #2796, 6V-CDC-Photo-Switch

This photo switch is designed for use with BioQuip’s 2836BQ, 2848BQ, and 2770 CDC insect traps. It also can be used with traps already purchased from BioQuip. The photo switch allows the trap to be deployed during daylight hours and to start operation as light fades. As the sun rises, the switch will turn the trap off, thus reducing battery consumption.  Specimens caught in the trap will be retained by the air gate in the trap.

The photo switch position can be manipulated to activate at an earlier or later time, depending on the positioning of the light sensor. To activate later, face the light sensor directly at the last source of light that will be available.  To activate sooner, place the sensor in what will be the shade on the back side of the battery.

The photo switch has 12" lead wires and is placed between the battery and the trap using standard spade connectors. The styrene housing, 2-1/8 x 1-3/8 x 3-1/4" (54 x 35 x 330mm), has a sealed aluminum access cover. Rubber grommets seal wire entrances to the housing. The unit is suitable for use in any wet climate. Although it is virtually waterproof, it should not be deliberately submerged in water. The photo switch weighs .15 pounds (68 grams).

Operating voltage of this device is 6VDC only.  It will not operate properly if 12 volt DC current is applied. See 2860 6-volt gel cell battery.

2796 Photo Switch, 6 VDC for Use With CDC Trap

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