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UV LED CDC Trap - Product Details


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This state-of-the-art CDC trap offers features not found on any other traps. Designed for use in mosquito and sand fly research and sampling, the entire trap is packed in its clear, 32 ounce polyethylene collecting cup, making it one of the smallest, most portable traps ever offered. It is ideal for use in remote locations. The plastic bag retaining ring (jar lid) is the only component that does not fit into the trap.

Operating on 6 VDC, the trap uses 8 LED (light emitting diode) elements to provide 360 degree coverage in the horizontal plane. Each LED has a viewing angle of 45 degrees. The LED technology used in this trap is patented. The LED wavelength is peaked at 390 nanometers (nm) with a total band width between 385 and 395 nm.  The optical power output of each light is 10 mcd. Each light consumes 30 mA of power.  Total power consumption of the trap is .24 amps. The fan draws 110 mA or .11 amps for a total consumption of .35 Amps per hour of draw when operating.  If using a photo switch, we typically do not add any extra draw to the formula as it is minimal. The LED platform configurations allows it to be interchanged with platforms of different colors.  Different color (wavelength) LED platforms are available upon request. The trap is supplied with 8 feet of cord with spade terminals and is designed for connection to a 6 volt gel cell battery (2860). A 6V automatic battery charger, 2860C, is also available.

As with all BioQuip CDC style traps, an air gate is provided to allow for timed collections. In the event of power loss or deliberate shut down of the trap, the air gate prevents captured specimens from escaping.

The collecting bag is made from a durable no-see-um mesh with a Nylon skirt that is held captive in the collecting cup. An elastic band is used to hold the bag on the trap and to keep the bag closed after removal from the trap. The bottom of the collecting cup is screened with 40 X 40 mesh aluminum screen.

Patent statement: Licensed from Cohnstaedt under Non Provisional Patent Application number 11/936540 (dated November 8, 2007).

2770 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

2770C Extra Collecting Cup for 2770 Trap

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