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Larval Tray Escape Funnel - Product Details

Larval Tray Escape Funnel

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Catalog #1426BCF, tray-funnel-capture Catalog #1426BCF, Tray-Funnel-Cover Catalog #1426BCF, Tray-Funnel-Cover-with-1425-top Catalog #1426BCF, Tray-with-funnel-in-place Catalog #1426BCF, Tray-Funnel-Cover-with-2800-chamber Catalog #1426BCF, working-configuration

The escape funnel is a device that captures flying adult mosquitoes that have hatched into adults while in the 1426B larval tray.  Specimens are captured in the top portion of a 1425 mosquito breeder which is supplied by the user.   The funnel allows the user to leave pupated specimens in the tray without the concern of escape overnight or for extended periods of time.  Made from .040 clear vinyl, the funnel allows the user to view the contents of the tray to verify if any emerged adults have not yet made it into the breeder top.   Please note that 1425 mosquito breeders and 1426B larval trays are sold separately.  This system is not compatible with the smaller 1425DG mosquito breeder.

1426BCF Tray Cover, Escape Funnel

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