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pH Papers - Product Details

pH Papers

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Catalog #1168C, pH-PAPERS Catalog #1168C, pH-PAPER-RANGE-1-12-FULL-UNITS- Catalog #1168F, pH-PAPER-RANGE-6-8-HALF-UNITS- Catalog #1168M, pH-PAPER-RANGE-5.5-8

Hydrion test papers measure a wide range from 1 - 12 in full pH units, or a short range from 6.0 to 8.0 in half pH units. Papers show a sharp color change for each unit. Rolls of 1168C and 1168F are 7/32" wide x 15'long (6mm x 457cm), in a plastic dispenser with color comparison chart. Approximately 120 tests per dispenser.

1168M micro fine test paper from Hydrion provides ultra-fast pH determinations with direct reading of one color match at intervals of 0.2 to 0.3 pH units. Only 0.001 ml. of solution is required. Dispenser with color chart and two rolls of test paper, 5/32" wide x 15' long (4mm x 457cm), is packaged in polypropylene case.

1168C pH Paper, Range 1-12 Full Units

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1168F pH Paper, Range 6-8, Half Units

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1168M pH Paper, Range 5.5-8.0

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