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Glass Fumigant Holders - Product Details

Glass Fumigant Holders

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Catalog #1149GD, Glass Fumigant Holder for Dry Material Catalog #1149GD, Another view Catalog #1149GW, Glass Fumigant Holder for Liquid fumigants Catalog #1149GW, Glass Fumigant Holder for Liquid fumigants

Unique, hand-crafted glass fumigant holders have been used in European collections for more than 100 years. These attractive, transparent containers provide a quick visual means for checking fumigant level. Holders are approximately 1" (26 mm) in diameter x 1" high, with an integral pin 3/8" (10 mm) for insertion into a drawer or box pinning surface. They are made of high strength borosilicate glass. BioQuip stocks them in two styles to accommodate either dry or liquid fumigants.

The 1149GD glass holder for granular or solid fumigants has an open top. The 1149GW for liquid fumigants has an inverted opening at the center which prevents contents from being spilled even if the holder is not in an upright position.

Other products used for containing fumigant are #1148 fumigant boxes and 1149 folding fumigant boxes.

1149GD This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

1149GW * Glass Holder, Liquid Fumigants

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