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Aspirator Filter - Product Details

Aspirator Filter

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Catalog #1135Y, Hepa-Filter Catalog #1135Y, Hepa-Filter-close-up Catalog #1135Y, Hepa-Filter-in-use

This important safety device should be used by all those who collect specimens with inhaling-type aspirators.  The HEPA (high-efficiency particle arresting) filter disk provides protection from particulate matter.  It filters 99.97% of particles greater or equal to .3 microns, including molds, pollens, dust and other matter that may be a potential health hazard. Disk size is 2-1/4" (57mm) square.  Filter connections accommodate latex tubing used in 1135A, 1135B & 1135C aspirators.  The filter may be inserted into end of the tubing, or tubing can be cut to insert filter at desired position.

1135Y HEPA Filter, for use with 1135A, B, C

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