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″Pooter″ Style Aspirator - Product Details

″Pooter″ Style Aspirator

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Catalog #1135P, Aspirator Catalog #1135P, Close Up In Use Catalog #1135P, Working Catalog #1135PC, Aspirator collecting tubes Catalog #1135PC, Aspirator collecting tubes

The BioQuip ″Pooter″ style aspirator offers a higher capacity and allows for larger specimens to be collected. The aspiratorís clear acrylic collecting tube is 1-1/2″ (38mm) OD, 1-1/4″ (32mm)ID, and is 6″ (152mm) long. Two black vinyl end caps secure samples after collecting is completed. The end fittings are made from cast urethane, held in place by two rubber ″O″ rings. The fittings are superior to tapered cork fittings that can trap and crush specimens.

The pick-up tube is 3/8″ (9.5mm) OD, 1/4″ (6.4mm ) ID and 6″ (152mm) long. The length can be adjusted to suit the user's needs. The outlet tube is screened with 220 mesh nylon offering some inhalation protection to the user. The acrylic mouthpiece is attached to a 30″ (762mm) piece of latex tubing that attaches to the outlet tube. Two black vinyl end caps secure samples once collecting is completed.

An extra collection tube with end caps is supplied with the aspirator. Additional 1135PC collection tubes are available. Two extra ″O″ rings are supplied for collecting chamber fittings.

1135P Aspirator, "Pooter" Style

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1135PC Aspirator Collecting Tube, 2/Pk

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