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Aspirator Kit - Product Details

Aspirator Kit

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Catalog #1135K, Apirator-Kit-with-labels

The Aspirator Kit contains essential items for collecting small insects in the field. Specimens are aspirated into a glass capsule vial and can then be dispatched without having to transfer them to a collecting (killing) jar.

The kit includes: 1135B Glass vial aspirator 1120K Glass collecting vial set
  1135Y HEPA filter 1135X Aspirator bulb
  1185A Ethyl acetate*  

The glass vial aspirator uses 4-dram wide mouth capsule vials with 24 mm polyseal caps so that samples can be secured and labeled. To prevent small particles from being inhaled, we strongly suggest using the HEPA filter disk which filters 99.97% of particulate matter. Insert the filter into the mouth piece end of the latex tubing and draw air through the filter. The aspirator bulb can be used as an alternative to aspirating by mouth. Insert the bulb stem into the mouth piece end of the latex tubing. Compress the bulb (away from the specimen), place the intake tube next to specimen and release the bulb quickly to draw the specimen into the collecting vial.

* Ethyl acetate is flammable and can only be shipped by UPS or FedEx ground service to destinations within the Continental U.S.  The 1185A will be removed from all shipments to other countries.


1135K Aspirator Kit, Complete

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