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Alcohol Aspirator - Product Details

Alcohol Aspirator

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Catalog #1135C, Aspirator Catalog #1135C, Vial-Aspirator-Assembly

A superior device for collecting soft-bodied insects which must be kept in, or collected into alcohol. Designed by Terry M. Allen, this aspirator is a double chambered unit with a 2-dram inner vial filled with alcohol or other fluid into which live specimens are dropped.

The suction tube has a flexible connection fitted directly to the clear plastic outer vial (30 x 100 mm) through a two-hole stopper. The pickup tube for the collection of insects is an acrylic 5/16OD x 3/16"ID (8mm OD x 5mm ID) plastic tube.. It is connected by a 24" (61cm) latex tube leading directly through the stopper and into the inner vial of alcohol.

Air movement through the aspirator is screened twice with 220 mesh nylon. The inner vial may be removed and capped as needed, and a new vial installed. Extra 2-dram screw cap vials 8802P are available.

As a safety precaution, BioQuip recommends using the 1135Y aspirator filter with this aspirator.

Also see 1135X aspirator syringe bulb. It allows users to aspirate specimens without inhaling particulate matter.

1135C Alcohol Aspirator

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