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Blowing Aspirator - Product Details

Blowing Aspirator

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When collecting with a standard aspirator, inhaling small particles such as infected soils or dust, insect parts, or feces can pose a health hazard for medical and agricultural entomologists. This blowing aspirator eliminates the possibility of inhaling foreign matter into the lungs, trachea or sinus cavities.

BioQuip has developed the unique blowing aspirator from designs submitted by entomologist Clyde Barnhart. Although a blowing-type aspirator is intrinsically not as efficient as a sucking type model and requires more lung power, this is the most effective product we have seen or tested.

A venturi system is contained in the collecting head, which is cast of urethane plastic. Vinyl tubing is used for the 9" (23cm) intake duct. Natural latex tubing is used for the 24" (61cm) blowing tube.

The collector is a 2-oz. clear styrene vial, which can be removed, capped and replaced with another vial. The vial has a clear plastic flap valve to prevent loss of specimens during vial replacement.

The blowing aspirator is long 9-1/2" long overall x 1.75" diameter (24 x 4.4 cm), and weighs 4 oz. An extra vial with solid cap is supplied with the aspirator. Additional collecting vials are available separately.

1115 Aspirator, Blowing With Extra Collecting Vial

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1115A Collecting Vials for 1115, Set of 12 Ea

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