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1022 Series 18" Spreading Boards - Product Details

1022 Series 18" Spreading Boards

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Catalog #1022A, Fixed-Groove-Spreading-Boards-A-D Catalog #1022A, Fixed-Groove-vertical-A-D Catalog #1022A, Series-Spreading-Board-1/16-groove Catalog #1022B, Series-Spreading-Board-1/8-groove Catalog #1022C, Series-Spreading-Board-1/4-groove Catalog #1022D, Series-Spreading-Board-3/8-groove Catalog #1022E, Series-Adjustable-Spreading-Board Catalog #1022E, Series-Adjustable-Spreading-Boards-W-E Catalog #1022W, Extra wide flat adjustable

A longer 18" (46cm) length is available in 1022 series pinning boards, except for the 1022E adjustable board at 14" (36cm). The 3/8" (.95cm) rigid plastazote pinning strip holds a pin securely. Sufficient clearance permits mounting the insect at the top third of pin. Basswood mounting surfaces are angled at 165. A 1/8" (.32cm) hardboard floor is provided to prevent accidental disturbance of pinned insects from the bottom.

For large specimens, use the 1022W adjustable board. It has flat pinning surfaces and two stabilizing adjustment screws on each end.

To view other spreading boards, see 1023E & 1023F adjustable boards, 1021 adjustable board, 1023K spreading board kit, 1024C and 1024E economy boards, and 1031 versaboard.

Cat. No. Groove Width Price

Fixed Boards, 18" (457mm) long

1/16" 2 mm

3-3/8" 87 mm


Fixed Boards, 18" (457mm) long

1/8" 3 mm

3-1/2" 90 mm


Fixed Boards, 18" (457mm) long

1/4" 7 mm

3-5/8" 93 mm


Fixed Boards, 18" (457mm) long

3/8" 10 mm

5-1/8" 131 mm


Adjustable Board, 14" (356mm), 3/4" thick Plastazote pinning strip

0-13/16" 21 mm

5-1/2" 140 mm


Adjustable Board, 18" (457mm), 3/8" thick Plastazote pinning strip

0-13/16" 21 mm

10" 254 mm