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Drosophila Net - Product Details

Drosophila Net

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Catalog #7110DA, Drosophila Net Complete Catalog #7110DA, Bag Ring & Tube Catalog #7110DA, collecting tube view Catalog #7110DA, close up Catalog #7110DA, Net Bag complete Catalog #7210DA, Drosophila net bag Catalog #7210DA, Mounted Net Bag

This specially designed net has a muslin cone at the tip to hold specimens. The 10" diameter net ring is collapsible and folds into a very compact package. A vial is inserted into the cone to capture specimens. The 10 (254 mm) diameter net bag is made of off-white Dacron chiffon fabric with a muslin band, and is 18 (457 mm) long.

The net handle is 5" (127mm) long. Use 7312AA 12" (305mm) and/or 7312AB 24" (610mm) segments to extend length of the handle. A red vinyl handle grip, 7357, helps spot a net in the field, protects hands, and keeps dirt and rock out of the handle.

Six 2-ounce (59 ml) clear styrene collecting vials, 3 high x 1-1/4" diameter (76 x 32mm), are supplied with the net. Additional 1115A vials are available in sets of one dozen.

7110DA Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Drosophila Net, 10" Diameter, 5" Handle, 6 Collecting Vials

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7210DA Drosophila Net Bag, 10" Diameter

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