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An Illustrated and Annotated Key to the Zygoptera - Product Details

An Illustrated and Annotated Key to the Zygoptera
by Rosser W. Garrison, Natalia von Ellenrieder, and Jerry A. Louton

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2010, 490 pages, 2,500+ illustrations, illustrated keys. This book provide a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to the damselflies of North, Central, and South America. It contains original, up-to-date keys to the 125 genera of Zygoptera in the New World; descriptive text for each genus; distribution maps; and highly detailed diagnostic illustrations.

Each account lists all known species and generic synonyms, information on the status of classification, and references to larval descriptions.

This generously illustrated reference is based on the authors' personal observations. It is an indispensable resource for entomologists, limnologists, and naturalists. Hardcover; 7-1/4 x 10".

About the Authors - Rosser W. Garrison is a senior insect biosystematist with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Natalia von Ellenrieder is an adjunct researcher for the CONICET at the Instituto de Bio y Geociencias, Salta, Argentina. Jerry A. Louton is a museum information technology specialist with the Department of Entomology at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. The three coauthored Dragonfly Genera of the New World, 3883.

From a Review - "Damselfly Genera of the New World makes readily available, for specialists and amateurs alike, access to one of the most beautiful groups of insects in nature." Edward O. Wilson

3883 Garrison, Damselfly Genera of New World

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