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BG-2 Sentinel™ Trap & Replacement Parts - Product Details

BG-2 Sentinel™ Trap & Replacement Parts

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2883 BG-2 Sentinel Trap The BG-2 Sentinel Mosquito Trap from Biogents, introduced in 2015, incorporates many changes to the original trap design, 2880, that greatly improve the ease of use for technicians placing the trap in the field and for making the trap water resistant.  This trap features a self-standing pop-up design with a stainless steel wire frame and no loose parts.  A white hard plastic mesh cover easily affixes to the top of the trap and is easy to remove and clean.  The lure holder in the trap cover does not require trap disassembly for replacement of the lure.  Water resistant electrical connectors help reduce fan failure in wet conditions.  The trap is supplied with a 120/240 volt AC electrical transformer equipped with a US type plug. A foreign plug adapter may be needed for operation outside the US. It also operates from a 12 volt DC battery, available separately, 2861A. The improved funnel is equipped with an air gate that closes automatically in the event of battery or fan failure.  A BG-Lure®, 2881 is included, along with two catch bags, a funnel net, and a two-handled green ripstop nylon carrying case.  The Octenol Lure is no longer included due to EPA regulations.

This innovative and superior mosquito trap is a result of over 16 years of thorough scientific research at the University of Regensburg, Germany. It was developed for scientists and researchers to monitor the yellow fever mosquito, also known as the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti, and the Asian tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus. During its use on different continents, it became evident that the trap also catches other mosquito species and anthropophilic insects. It is intended for use by professionals only.

Numerous independent scientific studies have been conducted with the BG-1 trap and this trap worldwide, and have been successfully proven to be two of the most effective mosquito traps available.

The trap incorporates patented, as well as patent-pending technology. It mimics the convection currents that are created by a human body via artificially generated air plumes, employs attractive visual cues, and releases a patented 3-component scent imitator, the BG-Lure®, that mimics human skin through a large surface area. These features were specifically developed for attracting tiger mosquitoes. The BG-2 Sentinel™ trap, together with the BG-Lure®, catches Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti, Aedes polynesiensis, and various Culex ssp., significantly well. These species of mosquitoes are the transmitters of serious diseases such as West Nile Virus, Dirofilariasis, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever. When CO² is added to the trap, catch rates improve for these species as well as for other species of mosquitoes and anthropophilic insects.  The trap is large enough to incorporate additional attractants (such as animal hairs, worn clothing, small animals, food, light and heat sources) making it a very versatile tool for researchers.

The trap features a unique pop-up design. No tools are required for assembly. It operates on 120/240 volt AC electrical current, or from a 12 volt DC battery, available separately 2861A.  To keep the battery charged and ready use the 2865 battery charger. The trap draws 300 mA of 12 VDC.  A BG-Lure® and an Octenol lure are included, along with two catch bags and a two-handled green ripstop nylon carrying case.

Dimensions: collapsed - diameter 35 cm, height 10 cm; assembled - diameter 35 cm, height ~40 cm.  Weight: 1.5 kg (3.4 lbs.).

A useful accessory to these traps is the 2823 CO² gas regulator kit designed for use in areas where dry ice cannot be obtained or is not desired.  Adding the CO² gas regulator kit increases the catch rate for many mosquito species as well as black flies, stable flies, biting midges and New World sand flies. For more control as to how long the regulator runs, using the 2880CT timer is recommended for unattended stop and start collecting times.

A rain shield is now available for the BG-2 Sentinel trap.

For other replacement items see: Green Carrying Bag 2880GCC, CO² Emitter Nozzle 2880CO, No-See-Um Mesh Catch Bag 2880CNS1.

2883 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. BG-2 Sentinel Mosquito Trap, 7.5 - 12 Volt

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2883BC Replacement Battery Cable with Spade Tip Clips for BG-2

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2883C Replacement Catch Bag for BG-2

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2883DCPS Battery Cable With Alligator Clips, BG-2

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2883F Replacement 12 Volt Fan for BG-2

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2883FB Replacement Black Funnel Net for BG-2

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2883FNC Replacement Intake Funnel w/Shutter Set for BG-2

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2883PS Replacement Power Supply for BG-2

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2883UV * UV Light Set, BG-2

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2883NSL UV LED Light Platform, BG-2

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2883RS Rain Shield w/Poles for #2883 BG-2 Trap

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