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Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery - Product Details

Heavy Duty 12 Volt Battery

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Catalog #2863, Heavy-Duty-12V-26AH-battery

Sealed construction of this 12-volt, 26 amp-hour lead acid battery allows trouble-free, safe operation in any position. No special precautions or shipping containers are required due to its leakproof construction. Under normal operating conditions, between 200 and 1000 charge/discharge cycles can be expected depending upon depth of discharge.

The high-impact resistant battery case is made of non-conductive ABS plastic. Produced from highest grade materials with a carefully controlled plate-making process, this compact battery provides excellent output per cell resulting in superior power/volume and power/weight ratios.

NOTE: the 2863 meets federal and international requirements for inclusion in checked airline luggage. The IATA clearance download can be found here.

For a fully charged battery, the following guidelines apply to hours of continuous operations:

  • 22 - 24 hours for a 12-watt black light 2851U
  • 18 - 20 hours for a 15-watt black light 2804, 2805, 2813C
  • 13 - 14 hours for a 22-watt black light 2851M

The battery can be used over a temperature range of -76 to +140F (-60 to +60C). Weight is 18.7 lbs.

For maximum life of battery:
Do not discharge battery below 10.5 V before recharging.
Recharge battery as soon as possible after using.  Full recharge can be obtained in 12 to 18 hours.
Do not leave the equipment connected when the battery is discharged.
Unit should be stored in a fully charged state and kept in a cool place.
Recharge every 90 days when not in use.

See 2861VM for description of voltmeter to check battery voltage.  BioQuip cannot replace batteries that have been over-discharged.

2863 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.