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Digital Multimeter - Product Details

Digital Multimeter

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Batteries that are over-discharged can be damaged irreparably.  BioQuip's hand-held digital multimeter (volt meter) is offered as a simple way to determine the voltage (state of charge) of 6 volt and 12 volt batteries.  The meter features multiple functions including measurement of current resistance, diodes, and transistors.  However, its primary function for battery users is the volt meter application.  Both AC and DC voltage levels can be read with the meter.  The device has a back lighted 3-1/2" (89 mm) LCD display.  A pair of probes, 9 volt battery, and manufacturer's user's manual are included.

This excellent device is also useful for testing batteries, electrical repair, home wiring projects, hobby projects, and testing electrical systems on cars and boats.

Maintain and protect your batteries by using the multimeter.  Do not discharge 12 volt batteries below 10.5 volts and 6 volt batteries below 4.5 volts before recharging.  Please note: BioQuip cannot replace batteries that have been over-discharged.

2861VM Multimeter

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