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Miniature CDC Light Trap with UV Light - Product Details

Miniature CDC Light Trap with UV Light

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Catalog #2848BQ, Miniature-Black-Light-Trap-6-volt Catalog #2848BQ, Miniature-Black-Light-Trap-6V-close-up Catalog #2848BQ, Minature-Light-Trap-Components

Ultraviolet light is known to attract a greater number and diversity of Culicoides and Phlebotamine mosquito species than incandescent light.  This CDC miniature light trap uses a 2827C 4-watt UV blacklight lamp as the light attractant, in the range of 350 - 360 nanometers.  A 4-watt BLB blacklight tube, 2827D, ~400 nanometers range, is also available. The tubes are 5/8" diameter x 6" long (16 x 152mm); lamp life averages 4,000 hours.

The trap requires a 6-volt DC battery, see 2860, and consumes about 700mAmps per hour.  (The Lamp draws 590mA and the Fan draws 110mA.) BioQuip's mini light traps are supplied with air gates that keep specimens inside the trap in the event of power loss or if the trap is deliberately shut off to conserve power consumption. A 2796 in-line photo switch, available separately, permits traps to be programmed to turn on in the evening and shut off at dawn. By changing the position of the photo switch, it is possible to adjust the time traps turn on and off.

For applications where a wide range of light frequencies is desired, see 2836BQ. It is supplied with a 4-watt white incandescent tube.

2848BQ Click here for product MSDS, instructions. This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.