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Heat Pack - Product Details

Heat Pack

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Catalog #2830, Heat-Factory-disposable-heat-pack Catalog #2830, 24-hour-Heat-packet

When placed in a Berlese funnel or other collecting device, heat packs release heat, avoiding the need for a light bulb and allowing Berlese funnels to be used where electricity is inconvenient or not available.

Biodegradable heat packs generate their own heat, reaching and maintaining temperatures between 100 and 158F. Average temperature is 124F (51C). Based on an ancient Chinese formula, packets contain a mix of iron powder, active carbon, water, vermiculite, salt, and Cellulose. Sealed packets are air-activated by opening the outer package. They are lightweight, environmentally safe, practical, and disposable. If not completely used, reseal in an air tight container for later use.

Heat packs are 4 x 5" ( 10 x 13cm) and provide upwards to 24 hours of heat in a Berlese funnel. They have a shelf life of four years prior to opening as long as outer packaging is not compromised.

See 2831, 2832 and 2845 for descriptions of three types of Berlese funnels.

2830 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.