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Mercury Vapor Collecting Light, 175 Watt - Product Details

Mercury Vapor Collecting Light, 175 Watt

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Catalog #2818, Mercury-Vapor-Lamp-175W

This complete mercury vapor light offers an alternative night collecting light source. A wider color band than (but including) the black light spectrum provides the collector access to specimens not attracted solely to black light. It includes an unfrosted 175 watt lamp from the blue end of the MV spectrum, screwed into a porcelain mogul socket, separated from the vented aluminum ballast box by 13 feet of electrical cord. A connector for easy disconnect of the lamp from the ballast is also included for simpler packing or connection to the 2818B rain shield. Another 8 feet of electrical cord leads from the ballast box to a 3 pronged plug suitable for a generator or a wall outlet.

The ballast in this light is made specifically for a 175 watt bulb; do not use a bulb of any other wattage. BioQuip suggests using eye protection when collecting with this light (see 2814 anti-UV glasses). The unit can be operated only on North American 120 volt AC electrical current. A replacement lamp is available.

The light and socket may be mounted on a camera tripod (not included). The mini tripod stand shown in the photograph is not included and for information purposes only.

The 2818EXT10 is a 10 foot extension cord connecting the ballast to the lamp cord for longer reach without the weight of the ballast.

NOTE: Glass in mercury vapor lamp bulbs becomes hot during use. Hot lamp bulbs cannot tolerate temperature shock from rain or mist, and break when they come in contact with moisture. BioQuip highly recommends using a rain shield,2818B with this mercury vapor light.  There is no warranty for mercury vapor lamp bulbs.

2818 Collecting Light. Mercury Vapor, 175 W

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2818A 175W Mercury Vapor Lamp Replacement Bulb

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2818EXT10 Mercury Vapor Light Extension Cord, 10'

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