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No-See-Um Catch Bag with Cup - Product Details

No-See-Um Catch Bag with Cup

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Catalog #2801B, No-See-Um  Catch Bag with Cup Catalog #2801B, Bag-&-Collecting-Cup cklose up

This improved collection bag is made from No-See-Um very fine mesh nylon netting and a ripstop nylon skirt. The collecting cup is a 16-ounce polypropylene jar with a 40x40 aluminum screen bottom. An extra plain lid is provided to seal the jar. The vent allows water to drain from the jar and prevents build-up of CO2 emitted from the trap. The bag is inserted through the lid that is screwed onto the jar. An elastic cord keeps the bag firmly attached to the trap collar. Before removal, the bag can be closed with a draw string and cord lock. After removal, the bag can be refrigerated to stun specimens before transfer to cages or containers.

The bag is designed for use with BioQuip's CDC Mini Light Traps 2836BQ, 2848BQ, and all of BioQuip's EVS traps 2801A, #2801BL, and 2780. It does not fit completely into EVS trap gallon containers due to its larger size.

2801B This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.