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Ammonium Carbonate - Product Details

Ammonium Carbonate

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Catalog #1183, Ammonium-Carbonate-100-grams

Gaining acceptance by collectors as a dispatching agent, ammonium carbonate is a dry, practical and safer alternative to liquid killing agents. The powder is not poisonous or flammable, but can be irritating to the lungs and corrosive to mucous membranes.

Ammonia gas is liberated when a small amount of powder is exposed to oxygen. The release of fumes is enhanced by wetting the powder with water. The powder can also be used in other collecting traps as a killing agent.

Ammonium carbonate is light sensitive and must be stored in an airtight container. An unopened and sealed container has an expected shelf life of 5 years. An opened container has a useful shelf life of approximately 1 year. Storage is recommended at 20C (68F) Packed in a polypropylene jar, there are no shipping restrictions for this product.

This product is intended for use with 1112 collecting vials; not recommended for use with 1120A, 1121A, or 1120PA jars due to deterioration of the plaster.

NSN 6810-01-545-1504

1183 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Ammonium Carbonate, 100 Grams

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