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Curatorís Blocks - Product Details

Curatorís Blocks

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Catalog #1156A, Curators Block Catalog #1156B, Curators Block

Curatorís blocks are elegant accessories to organize the entomologistís work area. Skillfully conceived and produced from solid oak by an entomologist/craftsman, they are the best available on the market.

Blocks are designed to hold and organize insect pins, labels, points, and frequently used small tools. Holes for assorted sizes of pins have foam cushion on the bottom to prevent blunting, and pins inserted into the foam will not spill out. Back section has four holes, 1-3/4" deep, for forceps, probe, scissors or label pens. Blocks are 6-3/4 x 3 x 2-1/4" high.

The 1156A block has 12 holes for pins on the front section. The 1156B has 6 holes for pins, and two shallow depressions for holding points, minutens or labels.

1156A Curator's Block

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1156B Curator's Block

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