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Bed Bug Vial - Product Details

Bed Bug Vial

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Catalog #2839, Bed-Bug-Vials

The bed bug vial was designed for the feeding of bed bugs, and for working with dogs in bed bug detection training.  An 11/16" diameter opening in the cap allows the vial to be vented. Two interchangeable, removable nylon mesh screen disks are supplied with each vial. A disk is inserted into the cap and secured in place by tightening the cap on the vial.

One screen disk is 73 threads per inch, opening of .0083", BioQuip 7292B, and the other screen is 35 threads per inch, opening of .0197" BioQuip 7294B.  Blood meals can be given through the opening in the cap using the 7294B mesh disk.  The 7292B disk can be used when smaller, immature specimens are contained in the vial.

The 4 dram capsule vial's interior is lined with an insert of 7294B mesh. The mesh liner provides support for specimens, so they are not prone to injury from moving around the inside of the vial when it is in motion.

Bed bug vials are sold in a package of 1 dozen (12) vials.

2839 Bed Bug Vial, 4 Dram, 24 mm Cap, pack of 12

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