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Cornell University System Cabinets for 12 Drawers - Product Details

Cornell University System Cabinets for 12 Drawers

Product Photos (Click on photo to enlarge)
Catalog #2512GRY, Front Catalog #2512GRY, Cabinet-colors Catalog #2512TAN, Cabinet interior Catalog #2512WHT, face w_open door

Standard height cabinets with steel or plastic laminate covering for 12 insect drawers are the most popular models in BioQuip's cabinet line. They provide optimum protection for valued specimens. The continuous attention given to improving product design, materials, and manufacturing techniques is evident in these cabinets. Lift-off hinges for door removal are provided, and a 3-point locking handle secures the door at the side, top and bottom.


  • Exterior - 22 gauge steel, or .045 high-density laminate
  • Interior - 3/4" Melamine coated particle board
  • Aluminum extrusion drawer runners; lift-off door hinges
  • 3-point locking handle, and aluminum lock rods
  • 3 x 5" cardholder on steel door
  • Tubular polypropylene door gasket; four floor levelers
  • Construction:   

  • Steel covering wrapped around frame, sealed & riveted, or
  • Pionite laminate carefully bonded to frame
  • Frame and panels glued and assembled with air driven epoxy coated nails and cabinet assembly screws   
  • Drawer runners dovetailed into slots
  • Inset door with full panels, inside and out
  • Hinged on right side; left-hand door available on special request for additional charge of $40.00
  • Finish:   

  • Exterior - Steel: gray, green, tan, or white gloss polyurethane
  • Exterior - Pionite: walnut or teak wood grain, or hunter green
  • Interior - smooth finish white Melamine
  • Dimensions & Weights:   

  • 43" high, 22-3/8" wide, 20" deep (109 x 56.5 x 51cm)
  • Shipping weight: steel - 158 lb.; Pionite- 118 lb.
  • Cabinet prices do not include drawers.

    Cat. No. Drawer
    2512GRY 12 steel gray

    $864.53 Add this product to cart

    2512GRN 12 steel office green

    $835.80 Add this product to cart

    2512TAN 12 steel tan

    $835.80 Add this product to cart

    2512WHT 12 steel white

    $835.80 Add this product to cart

    2512FWL 12 Pionite® walnut grain

    $935.66 Add this product to cart

    2512FTK 12 Pionite® teak grain

    $829.50 Add this product to cart

    2512FGN 12 Pionite® hunter green

    $852.60 Add this product to cart